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Work-Life Balance

January 24, 2023 LM3jseevi 0 Comments

What is work-life balance?
The work-life balance stands for a balance between work and private life. Both areas should be kept separate for the best possible balance and not negatively impact each other. This means that with sufficient quality leisure time, the rigors of working hours can be neutralized to maintain life balance. Therefore, the scales symbol is often used to represent work-life balance. Have you ever used a scale like this? Then you know exactly: Balance is only a temporary event. The smallest change (regardless of internal or external) can quickly upset the balance again. First the whole thing wobbled and finally it flipped completely over.

Triggers of work-life imbalances
Aside from being driven by changes in individual attitudes and values, some causes in the work environment have contributed to concerns about work-life balance, for example: deadlines have become increasingly tight, the expected response times for communication have become shorter, expectations of superb customer service have become higher. These changing work demands lead to inevitable changes in personal lives, like working overtime which leads to less time available to spend on personal life.

The importance of work-life balance
A good work-life balance contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Poor planning and poor time management, as well as a tendency to perfection, time pressure or a lack of concentration can throw off balance. When periods of recovery are shorter than they should be, performance drops. This applies in particular to long-term stress. The result is stress, burnout and health problems in the form of high blood pressure, digestive problems or headaches. That is why a good work-life balance is so important. It contributes to inner satisfaction and has positive effects on health. Due to developments in recent years, especially with regard to society and the economy, work-life balance is becoming increasingly important. The aim of work-life balance is to enable a fulfilling and healthy life.

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